Sunday, September 6, 2009

Finished for the summer! Now on speaking tour!

Our summer is finished!!  However, mixed with relief and sadness, it was a great summer once again.  Lots of new faces, and lots of faces from friends who have returned.  Year after year, as we look back,  we rejoice in seeing God's light shine through each person.  Thankful for each child who heard a message of hope.  Thankful for each member who loved on a child, who gave sacrificially to build a home for a family who had nothing.  For the team who worked extra hard to get a church built in a week, so the people had a place to worship.  When you see all that God's people did in a summer it fills us with awe, the love and compassion that each person shared.  Thank you to each team who came and blessed the communities here in Ensenada!
Two weeks ago we had a week of three different churches who worked alongside us.  It continues to amaze me how churches come from all over and join serving together.  During the week they built two houses in the El Zorrillo area.  One group from Massachusetts built a home for a widow and her children, this was a connection through Faustino's church.  The other home was built by a group from San Fransisco and a group from Ohio.  Last week was our last group of the summer.  This was Georgetown Alliance's 4th trip, every year they book our last week of the summer.  They are always a huge encouragement to us, I always feel bad because by the time they come we are pretty exhausted.  They built a home for a family from Ricardos church, did ministry in Jamin's community each day, and celebrated a party for all the children in all 5 churches.  Whew, and on top of that we were able to celebrate the one year anniversary of the boy's home.  Tim graciously spoke to the children and Jersey Park and preached at the boy's home in the evening. 
This summer was filled with many memories and stories.  We were very grateful for all who came to serve for longer periods of time.  Thank you, Kourtney Burris, Casey Trask, Sarah Roney, Stephanie Borelli, Dan Zak, Jack and Sharon Ninebar (and family), Jamie DeBruyn, Cass McCarthy, Kevin Namur and Todd and Suzanne Slind (family).  Thank you each one for the sacrifice of time and money to come alongside the Ensenada Project and serve.  It is not always easy working with groups week in and week out, we could not have done what we did without you.  The sacrifice of taking the garbage to the dump, getting up early preparing breakfast, preparing lunch and delivering it to each site, leading VBS, prayer ministry and worship, buying food everyday and spending most Sunday's cleaning tools.  This summer went so much smoother with willing help and generosity of each one of these servants. So, a BIG THANK YOU goes out to our team this summer!
Continue to pray for us as we leave for two months speaking in churches every Sunday.  Pray that we will get the needed time of rest, but also a good time to connect with churches.  Here is a schedule of where we will be over the next 2 1/2 months:
Sept 13 Mt Vernon, Ohio
Sept 20 Shelton, Wa
Sept 27 Medford, Or.
Oct 4 Elma, Wa.
Oct 11 Princeton, NJ
Oct 18 Pine Hill, NJ
Oct 25 Edmonton, AB
Nov 1 Pittsburgh, PA.
Nov 8 Las Vegas, NV
Nov 15 Prescott, AZ

THANKS for PRAYING while we are on tour!

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