Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Very soon we will be home and finished our speaking tour!

It has been sometime since we have been able to write a blog. We have been on our speaking tour since the first of September, speaking in different churches. We have been able to spend some time together as a family, and with our parents just hanging out. We have found this time to be very refreshing and energizing as we look forward to going back to Mexico. One of the fun ways we have been able to keep in contact with the pastors and friends at home is through Facebook. Who would of thought that this would have been a great way to stay in touch? While we were gone someone tried to break into our home, and our alarm scared him or her away. Two weeks later Sammy left a message and told us that the robbers came back; he then paused and with a sweet voice said, "just kidding".

Over the past month we connected with several groups that have been down on a short-term experience. We have enjoyed the opportunity to go to the churches that have partnered with us to share our vision with the whole church. Two weeks ago Princeton Alliance Church brought us out to New Jersey to be apart of a concert to raise money for the boy's home. The Refuge Concert was a fundraiser to help Juan plant a church in the city of Ensenada and a youth center. They were able to raise $20,000; praise God! God is so good, we are grateful to be able to do more work to further God's kingdom! At the end of our time out east we were asked to speak at the Metro District Conference. It was a great time of hanging out with our friends and we were able to make some new connections in the district.

We returned to Canada (it's really cold here, it actually snowed last night and we don't have heat in the vehicle, we might have to get it repaired.), spending time with family. This past Sunday, to our surprise Abby and Moriah joined Rebekah and their cousin Paige singing a Spanish song in front of church and Rick was able to share in his brothers church, this was a special time for his parents and brother to hear of what God is doing in Ensenada. One of the things that surprised us was the amount of Mexican brothers who were at the church. We had a great time after the service eating traditional Mexican food and listening to a woman sing Spanish songs. Reminded us so much of home. How our friends love food and having fun together. Who would of thought we would have found a little of Mexico in Canada?

A couple of things that have happened since we left Mexico: Fransisco called a few weeks ago, asking Rick if he would continue to partner with him if he goes to Mexicali to plant three churches. God is moving and stirring in Fransisco's heart, please pray for Fransisco, as he needs to work through the details. Fransisco needs to find someone to lead his church in Maneadero, Aposento Alto. Last week we received an email from Juan, he was excited to share with us that he had been given land, in his words "very beautiful land" for a girls home. God is doing amazing things, we can't wait to go home and start getting involved.

We have just a couple more weeks till we go home; please continue to pray for us as we are traveling. We have spent much of our time seeking God and His direction in what He wants us to do this year. God has been putting many of the details together with a facility for our groups. Our hope is to start in late December, early January pouring the cement pad and begin building in January. We have been encouraged to have groups who are willing to come down and work hard to get this done before our spring break groups. Pray for us, if this is truly Gods will that every thing will come together. If you would like to be apart of this, or know of men’s groups that would like to build this apartment complex we would welcome your interest.


Rick & Tammie

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Sarah said...

Just put me and the pastors in charge of building the ministry base and it will be done in no time...It will only take a few...years. Miss you guys.