Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The last leg of our summer has been an interesting one!

The last leg of our summer has been an interesting one.  God has taught us in unique ways how to continue to depend on Him in all that we do.  Three adults over the last three weeks have visited the hospital and needed an IV to rehydrate their bodies.  Several people have struggled with the normal Mexican symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting.  Come to find out our pure water filter hadn't been changed by the company for a year.  Two of our daughters and I ran to the hospital for fear they may have had the swine flu, just to find out it was a cold.  As Rick has been sharing in the debriefs, coming to Mexico is a step of faith.  It is not taking the "safe" route.  God shows His power even through the times we're not sure what is going on, or why everybody is getting sick.  There doesn't seem to be an easy answer, but one thing I continue to realize, God shows Himself through every circumstance.  We have an amazing God who we serve.
The past three weeks have been a stretch for us, they have been made up of several different groups each week.  Starting in August we had 5 different Churches represented.  Two from North Carolina, one from L.A., one from Redding and a lady from Tacoma, Washington.  With each group coming together to finish Reynario's church, painting Jamin's church,  putting an extension on Pastor Faustino's house and building a home for a family Reynario knew.  All this in one week and each group sharing with the children in all five churches.  Because there were so many we were able to visit each church three times during the week.  It was crazy to organize, but incredible to see more and more kids coming each day.  In Fransisco's church there were kids who had been coming to the VBS's, and through that a family became interested in coming to Church.  Fransisco got Casey to bring a prayer team by their home, and were able to minister to the family. 
The following week three different groups from Wisconsin, New Jersey and Redding, California came.  Again we were able to pour a lot of time into the communities with VBS.  The encouraging thing is that we can see lives change and grow as groups communicate God's love.  Two groups were able to work on two pastor's homes.  Todd Skinner's group built Pastor Fransisco's home on top of the church (beautiful view of the city and ocean).  Lee Cha's group put on an extension for Pastor Ricardo's home.  The night before the group arrived, Rosi and Ricardo had a baby girl.  And Bob Riconda built a home for a family in Pastor Fransisco's community.  Again, all this in one week!! 
In a matter of two weeks 8 different churches got to taste, touch and feel the mission field.  Our prayer and hope is that this will ignite a deep desire to go home and live sold out for God.  That this would not only be an experience for Mexico, but that the work begun here would continue at home.
Todd Skinner's group sitting in front of Pastor Fransisco's house.

Rosi sitting with her new baby girl!
Lee Cha's group doing a VBS at Pastor Faustino's church.
Pastor Bob's group moving wood and getting ready to work.

Pastor Bob's group gave a Bible to Juan & Sofia along with there house warming gift.

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