Saturday, July 4, 2009


Our summer has already started with two groups that have come and gone.  Last week Andy Stumbo brought a group to work alongside the Alliance and another ministry.  Bethany Alliance has a burden to work with special needs children, and right down the street from our home is an orphanage who ministers to children with those needs.  They started work on a dormitory for boys who live there.  It was amazing to watch the group interact with the kids, love on them and just spend time with them.  The group also spent three of their days doing a VBS at Fransisco's church.  God uniquely put together this team, one of the members was from Mexico City, she grew up with Pastor Andy's wife.  Rumi, flew in from Mexico City to join Andy's team.  It was great to have national people travel on a missions trip to Ensenada, with the same purpose reaching those who do not know Christ.  The second group was from Wisconsin, they had open hearts willing to do God's work.  Pastor Tony's group built a home for a family in Fransisco's community.  They poured their hearts out, showed compassion and worked hard to make Christ shine in all that they did.  They shared God's love in four of the other churches by doing a VBS.  The group also shared  with three of the boys at the boys home, and spent some time praying over the ministry here.  Part of the fun we have is when we get to celebrate birthdays, Tony's group had three in one week.  We enjoyed celebrating with each of them the traditional "mordita" (take a bite out of the cake), meanwhile someone behind them shoves their face in the cake.  (Thanks for all the fun!)
One of the most exciting things that God is doing here, is the time that we are able to focus on prayer.  Over the past few months, we have felt Satan is attacking the ministry.  And as he attacks our faith has been stretched, pushing us even closer to Christ.  Through this experience we have realized that not only do we need to spend time in prayer, but the groups are enjoying the time in prayer.  This year we have added several different prayer times.  Before breakfast our team along with the pastors and some of the group members start the day off with Him, and every day there is an opportunity for a couple of group members to go into a home and get to know the people and pray for them.  This is a unique opportunity to get to know the people and connect with them in prayer.
Please pray for us as we make decisions throughout the summer.  Our passion is to glorify God in all that we do, seeking His will in furthering His Kingdom.  We know that this is His ministry and continue to be so grateful to be His servants here in Mexico.  Pray for us that our eyes will be set on Christ and be wise in the decisions that need to be made.

Pastor Tony's group lead a VBS at Pastor Reynerio's Church 

Pastor Andy's group lead a VBS for 3 days at Pastor Francisco's church

Pastor Andy's group help construct a dormitory for orphanage

Pastor Tony's group during lunch break

Pastor Tony's group huddling up for prayer before lunch

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