Monday, June 8, 2009

God is in control of ALL things!

God is good all the time, and ALL the time God is good!  We like this saying, because it reminds us that God is so good!  We say it often how greatful we are to be God's servants here in Ensenada, Mexico, even with all the supposed violence and the pandemic swine flu (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!).  We are just coming through a time that has been very difficult, there has been a great deal of challenges and refining of all of us, and through it all, God shows Himself to be in total control.  Each day we continue to seek God for His wisdom, in His ministry not ours.  Pray for us as we have to make difficult decisions, that we would be wise in coming alongside the National church in Mexico.  As the ministry grows there is a great deal of excitement, but at times it can be very difficult, we were talking last week how much easier it was with only one church.  Now we are apart of 8 church ministries and right now we have a team of 5 interns and 4 missionaries.  Our prayer is that our eyes would be fixed on Jesus, seeking His will in all that we do. 
Princeton Alliance Church sent down a college group with Matt Murphy, they built Jamin's church.  Under the leadership of one crazy leader, Steve, they built the church in 5 days.  Not only did they build a church, but they built a relationship with Jamin and his family.  The last day the group and Jamin's family prayed for the community, and for the leadership to be a shining light, God is so GOOD!  The first service in the church was filled to capacity about 150 people were there.  The  NEW District Superintentant (Roberto) came down from Tijuana and spoke, and all the pastors came in support of Jamin.  Of course the celebration would not be complete without a meal together.  After four hours and two plates of birria, it was a great day of celebrating what God is doing and going to do in Salitral.  THANK YOU JESUS FOR ALLOWING US TO BE A PART OF YOUR MINISTRY IN ENSENADA!
We have a tradition twice a year here in Ensenada, in June and in November.  The Baja off road race, some of the pastors and all of our team go and watch the off road race.  We enjoy watching the race together and eating Carne Asada mixed with dirt flying through the air.  It is a great time of just having fun together.
Thanks for continuing to pray for our family as we serve God in Ensenada.  Please pray for us as we get ready for our busy season, our first group comes June 20 and our last group leaves August 31.  Pray we would have enough strength and stamina to get through the summer season, and pray for health for the whole team!

Jamin's church finished!

Princeton group with Pastor Jamin in front of his new church!

First church service in the new building!

Pastor Roberto New District Superintendent


Anonymous said...

Very Cool!

Anonymous said...

i am happy for Jamin, I know this was a great day for him. I wish I could've been there to see it!

Canaan Cherry, Big Bear Lake Ca.

Neal C Benson said...

I love those roof truss' that you can see in there!
They look super custom. How did you do that?

Brian Atkins said...

I was on the 2009 ensanada trip to lay the foundation for Jamins's church. Its so amazing to see How God uses one Big room with open doors and open Hearts. I love you all.