Monday, July 20, 2009

Our summer is so crazy, crazy good, but crazy

Our summer is so crazy, crazy good, but crazy.  This year has been such a blessing to have a group of interns around us that have been willing to do just about anything.  (Even take the garbage to the dump!)  On top of that, Todd and Suzanne have jumped in and helped in crucial areas. Making sure food is bought, helping Tomasa and leading at the job site.  This has been wonderful to have some of the holes filled with able and willing hearts.  Also this month a family from Canada came to serve together as a family.  They have been such a blessing to Rick and I to have them in our home, working side by side and jumping in wherever needed.  We have had our challenges learning to direct each of our helpers, but overall it has been a huge blessing to have each one of them.  Pray for us as the ministry has grown, there have been a lot of changes.  Not bad, but changes that requires us to continually seek God and His wisdom on direction. 
We are so thankful for each team who brings unique gifting each week.  At our team meeting last night there were several comments on how three groups came together last week and united as one.  Jimmy Hull, Jimmy Donaruma and Fred Chamber each brought a group of young people eager and willing to be lights in two different communities.  All three came together to do a VBS in each of the churches.  Each group sharing the same stories of how God worked in amazing ways.  God answered prayer in simple ways, like starting a generator!  They could of taken it in to get fixed, but instead prayed over it, and it started (saving valuable time).  The last day at VBS having only 50 crafts and 66 kids show up.  God multiplied the material.  In another instance a man share with Jimmy Donaruma's team that he felt they were Christians, and asked them to pray for him to find a job.  And moments later returned to them, amazed God answered prayer.  All three teams came together to build two houses for families who could not afford to build a home. 
Jimmy Donaruma's team stayed another week, joining others from their church Long Hill Chapel this week.  It has been great spending the extra week getting to know them.  They are working in Faustino's community building three houses.  One of them is an outreach house.  Faustino has been ministering to one of the members of his church family.  The parents come to the church, but their son has been in prison, and has been released.  Faustino and the group have been sharing God's love with the family.  Pray the family will be able to see a reflection of  who Christ is.  It is exciting to see God at work in simple ways, we are humbled to be used by God.  
One of the comments that has come often, is how safe they feel here despite the news reports.  We are so thankful for God's protection and the peace that has given reassurance that everything is fine here in Ensenada.  We are so grateful for the groups who have come and were able to serve our brothers and sisters here in Mexico.
Please continue to pray for our team as we are heading to the half way point of our summer.  Two of our interns leave this Saturday, and each weekend we will continue to have interns return home.     Thank you for praying, our dependance is on Christ alone to do all that we are doing.

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Anonymous said...

heck yeah it was an awesome 2 weeks! we loved being with you all so much and being able to help out.

still amazed at how much we were blessed...feel like you guys got the raw end of that deal;)