Monday, June 1, 2009

One thing we have learned living in Mexico that there is never a dull moment.  I think this is one of the reason we love living here so much, the Mexican culture keeps you on your toes.  Mother's day tradition in Mexico is at midnight, people who love you and care for you come by and crank out some really loud music, and no one minds, because it is a tradition.  They serenade the mother with a traditional song and the most important part is that I get out of bed and greet each of the members singing to me. 
The other surprise was on our anniversary, someone Rick had a meeting with found out it was our anniversary.  They were so excited that they gave us a goat (a live goat).  Two days later, the pastors killed and dressed the goat for a traditional meal of birria.  On our anniversary we went out for a nice meal and came home to a surp
rise party thrown by our kids.  They called all the pastors, Slinds, interns, and our Spanish teacher to celebrate our anniversary. 
A  couple weeks ago the Short term missions office had their training for all the interns for the summer 
at our facility in Ensenada.  We enjoyed hanging out with the interns and the leadership team. 
We had the blessing of Ezekiel (president of the alliance in Mexico) come back and visit us once again.  Ezekiel has a heart after God, and loves speaking and encouraging the pastors and we love it when he comes and does it! While he visited us he assigned a new district superintendent over our area.  Please pray for Roberto, he has been pastoring in Tijuana, and now will be pastoring the pastors.  
The pastors seem very excited to have Roberto in this leadership role!

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