Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Last spring break group & our spring break!

It has been another very busy month!  The last spring break group left three weeks ago, the
y were from Kourteny's home church.  It was a great experience for us to see Kourtney lead her home church.  They spent the week working in Faustino's church (this is the church that Kourtney has been spending her time with).  The group put in a side walk alongside the church, mostly to help the church not get flooded when it rains.  They also put up drywall in the back classroom,  a long over due project.  One of the encouraging parts of the week was seeing the VBS consistently have 50 kids come and hear about the heroes in the Bible.  Kids came and came to know the Lord!

As soon as Kourtneys home church left, our family, Sammy and Leyda left for Washington. Rick was apart of a wedding of a former youth several years ago.  One of Leyda's dreams was to go to Canada.  We took a couple of days out of our week to visit Canada.  Leyda and Sammy had grins on their face the whole time.  We spent both Sundays in church speaking on what is happening here with the ministry.  Tammie's home church invited us to speak on the first Sunday we were up north.  Dan graciously invited Sammy and Leyda to share a couple of songs.  It was important to us to have them share, because it brings the two cultures together.  Thank you Pastor Dan for giving them the opportunity!  The second Sunday we were invited to go back to the last church we served in, in Kelso, WA.  It was great to reconnect with friends and church family at East Hills.  We are so grateful for their support, and thankful that we could share a few moments at each service. 
As our week ended up north, Mexico hit the news once again.  Many told us about the swine flu, at which we were taken by the news.  We spent most of the ride home speaking to groups who had concern about coming.  We are not sure what is going on, but one thing we do know; the enemy is on the prowl and will use fear to discourage groups from coming.  Sammy read for us Psalm 91, what a comfort and reassurance that our Lord is in control and will protect us from all dangers.  We have a sense that God is up to something amazing, here in Mexico.  We are so grateful that God has chosen us to be His servants here, we want to follow his call, and look forward to what God has ahead for the ministry here in Ensenada!  
Todd, Suzanne and Austin Slind followed us back to Mexico. They have answered God's call on their life to come as Christian workers here to Ensenada.  As we were driving down, Rick phoned Todd 
and asked him, "it is not too late to turn around, are you sure you want to come?"  without hesitating Todd said, "we are coming!"  Please pray for Todd and Suzanne and their son Austin as they have stepped out in faith (both financially and physically).  Pray for us that we would have wisdom in dealing with the news that Mexico has been hit with.  It isn't always easy to step 
out in faith, but I know our God is so much bigger than all this news.  He has plans and we want to be apart of that.  

PLEASE pray for the groups that have committed to come, that they would have wisdom and clear direction in coming down.  And pray that whatever happens this summer, we can continue to be used by God.

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