Monday, February 23, 2009

Exciting Things taking place!

Two weeks ago the youth pastors here had a big event at our new church plant in Salitral.  Pastor Jamin has a lot of land for the youth to spread out and have fun.  About 40 youth came; played futbol and volleyball, ate, worshipped and listen to a message.  Rafa and Isai have been planning events for the youth once month.  It has been a slow, but improving ministry.  Both of them are eager and wanting to invest in the youth of the churches.  The hard part is getting the buy in from all the pastors.  Pray for them as they are planning and coming up with creative ideas for the youth.  Pray for the pastors that they will get behind the youth ministry. 

This last week, our family, the praxis students ( Casey, 
Kourtney, & Sarah) , Sammy and Fransisco and his family family all went to Mexicali.  We went to check out the facility for our spring break groups, and we also took advantage of meeting up with the pastors there (Gustavo and Rafa).  One of our spring break groups le
aders joined us in Mexicali.  The group will be coming from Las Vegas, we knew that they were coming to see us, but we didn't tell Sarah who is from that church.  It was fun to see Sarah suprised when her pastors and leaders showed up.  We spent the day checking out the property where the church will be built and meeting with the pastors (Gustavo and Francis).  We have really enjoyed making new contacts in Mexicali, both pastors are so grateful to be apart of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.  Rick had fun learning how to get around the NEW city.  He joked with Sammy that this is now his city.  Sammy is from Mexicali, and reminded us often how much Mexicali has grown.  We spent a good amount of time trying to find Costco, thanks to Kourtney's good eyes we found it.

Today we went to church in Luis Mercado with the new church plant with Jamin.  Jamin has been working in the same area that Reynario is in, so we merged to 2 congregations into 1!  God is so GOOD!  They have come together to reach Luis Mercado, to have 2 congregations in 1 small village would not have been a good thing, but now the community can see 2 churches become 1!  It was an encouraging service with 40 adults and 20 kids. After the service we had lunch together at our home with Jamin's family, Reyario's family, Sarah, Casey and Ricardo's family.  Rick has really enjoyed preparing carnitas, he brags that his carnitas are better than others.  It was a great time of getting to know Jamin and his family.
Continue to pray for the ministry here in Baja, as we prepare for groups to come this spring.  Our hope is that we will be a light in the communities and that God will be seen.  Our desire is to reflect Christ in all that we do, as the groups prepare to come, we pray that we will be an example and a help to the pastors.   

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