Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ministry in Ensenada when groups are not in town!

Part of our job is to work alongside the churches here in Baja California.  We have many challenges as we try to encourage the pastors to have healthy churches.  This month Rick and I have spent a great deal of time working on character issues and problems.  As with anywhere in ministry problems happen, our purpose in being here is to walk alongside the local church, we do not take over ministry and do it the way we would do it in Canada or in the United States.  It has been another tough month of dealing with issues, please continue to pray for the ministry here.  At this time we have had to put the youth center on hold, it has been discouraging but we have to trust that there must be a reason.  Pray for wisdom as we need to make decisions, that we would always be sensitive to the Lords leading. We had rented another facility, but we were unable to move our group housing over due to some internal issues.  We are hoping and praying that we will be able to open the youth drop in center in early June.  At the youth center we hope to offer free Internet, Foosball, air hockey, pool & live music on weekends.  Pray that God would supply ALL the funds for the youth center and reliable staff!
Two weeks ago Ricardo came to us with another friend who wants to come under the covering of the Alliance.  Rick and Fransisco have both met with them and it seemed to be a great church with a lot of potential.  One of the problems is that they are ministering in two communities and one of the same communities is Luis Mercado, the same community that Reynario is in.  It is a very small community, and would be very difficult to have two churches in it.  At this time we felt that maybe it would be a good opportunity for Reynario and the other church to combine and become one church.  However, we need to seek God to know if this is His plan.  Pray with us as we talk, and pray through this possibility, both pastors are planning to sit down and see if will work.
Two months ago Reynario lost 38 people from his church for 4 months.  They packed up their families and went to La Paz to find work.  Reynario asked Rick several times if it would be possible to visit them in La Paz.  This week Rick, Reynario and Sammy left for La Paz to minister to Reynarios church people.  Rick loaded up boxes of toys, and both Reynario and Sammy had bibles to give away.  One of our saying here is "there is never a dull moment", while living here we are learning to expect the unexpected.  While Rick was in La Paz visiting families, 11 people wanted to return with back to Maneadero.  Rick loaded the pickup with kids/adults in the cab and back of his truck for a 16 hour trek home.  Two hours into the trip the differential went out and all 14 people spent 6 hours at a Mexican shop while the mechanic fixed the truck.  The 16 hour trip turned into a 22 hour Mexican adventure!

Sammy & Reynerio with the mechanics after we finished
praying for them!

We were only able to fit 14 in total on our adventure back
home from La Paz, you can't see everyone (some are
still sleeping!)

Sammy & Reynerio leading the kids in some songs!

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