Sunday, March 15, 2009

God Answers Your Prayers, THANK YOU JESUS!!

The other night we went to "El Pollo Mas Pollo",  the best chicken in town!  As we left the roadside chicken stand, Rick went to get onto the highway to go back to our house so we could eat dinner.  As he pulled out he realized he didn't have enough time to get across to the other side and so he pulled back off the road.  As he did that the truck that was speeding down the highway started to fish tail and then that truck hit another truck going the opposite direction.  We pulled over and Rick went to the seen of the accident with papers in hands ready to give to the police, because he felt he was at fault.  At that moment Rick asked that I call Faustino, because he wanted to make sure someone was there to giv
e him good representation and Kourtney one of our interns who could translate everything for him.  In Mexico you are guilty until proven innocent, and you go to jail until you can prove that you have insurance to cover all expenses.  So, Rick gave his paper work to the police when they showed up, and then a few minutes later Faustino & Tomasa showed up and asked what happened.  They made sure to tell Rick not to say it was his fault, he had a real hard time with that, because he felt it was his fault!  They asked him if he had his paper work, and he had already handed it over to the police.  So, they went and asked for it 
back, the police officer said they would hold it until the Federal Police came and determined who was at fault.  Rick was sure they would find him at fault and send him to jail.  The Federal Police asked Rick where his truck was and if it was hit, and because it wasn't, he was not at fault.  They gave him his license and insurance back and he was able to leave.  PRAISE GOD!!!!  Only by the GRACE of God was Rick saved from spending time in a Mexican jail!  As Rick came up to the 2nd floor, Rebekah ran over and hugged Rick and started to cry.  

A couple weeks ago the pastors met with two of the youth pastors to come up with a plan for youth events among the C&MA youth.  They now have a president of the Alliance Youth, Rafa will be planning a monthly youth event.  The youth pastors were encouraged that the pastors would support them, and help plan events.  Our hope and prayer is that this ministry will continue to grow, and the youth will have e
vents they would be excited to bring friends to.  Each of the churches are working on having a youth program with a youth worker.  They have youth workers in place, now they are starting to meet once a week in their churches.  
Last Saturday our son, Jonathon spoke to the youth at Francisco's church, Jon has been attending the youth group for about 10
 months now.  It was his first time speaking with them, he shared 1 Corinthans 15:33 .  Not only at Francisco's youth service, but after the service he went to Jamin's house.  Two other churches came together for a bon fire, he was asked again to share his sermon with them. 
Jamin and Reynario have been having joint services for a month now.  It has been a huge blessing, both of them are encouraged with what God is doing in Luis Mercado.  Last Sunday they had 47 adults and at least that many kids.  Jamin has been working in the area with a breakfast program every Saturday, this too was something that Reynario wanted to do.  It has been great to see how God has brought both of these men together being a light in Luis Mercado.

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