Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weekend visit to Mexicali & Sonoyta

Last weekend our family, Francisco's family, Rafa and Isai visited a new Alliance church in Mexicali. Mexicali is about 4 hours north east of Ensenada. We were encouraged to see 38 adults and 15 kids attending the church, worshipping outside with Pastor Gustavo & his wife Frances. Right now they are renting a home for their church, the adults worship outside and the children were inside for Sunday school. The winter months are pretty cold in the evening and summer is very hot. We have agreed to help them purchase some land and build a church this spring, we hope to build a church building in March. Pastor Gustavo and Frances were very excited to have other Alliance churches come and visit and encourage them.

The next morning we visited another community outside of Mexicali (ironically is called Durango). Pastor Daniel is wanting to be apart of the Alliance and is in need of a denominational covering and he also needs encouragement. We hope to be able to build another church late in the spring, before it gets too hot!

From there we headed east to a neighboring state, Sonora. One of our pastors and brother is from a small community called Sonoyta, Sonora. We came with Christmas boxes to hand out to the kids, and food for the families. We had a great time hanging out with Pastor Ricardo's family. The night before we left, the family asked if they could make breakfast for us. Of course we accepted. The next morning they had slaughtered their pig and cut meat up for carnitas. We were humbled that they would give us such a wonderful breakfast.

We had a great weekend fellowshipping with our friends from Ensenada as well as all the people we met on the weekend.

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