Thursday, December 4, 2008


Whew, we have hit the pavement moving since we have been back at work in Ensenada. The first two weeks, Rick spent everyday meeting with pastors sorting out problems. Sammy had his work cut out for him while we were gone for two months speaking in churches. One of the projects we asked the pastors to work on while we were gone, was to find a business that they could start. They had several ideas, but just didn't seem to agree on it. But, finally on Friday three of the four came to Rick and had a great idea that they were excited about. Faustino use to be a fisherman by trade, and he is willing to train the other pastors in fishing. The overhead costs is relatively low, and they will be able to start making money on day one. While we were gone Ruben stepped down as district superintendent for a variety of reasons. The president of the Alliance in Mexico would not accept his resignation, at this time he is sorting out if he is going to be the superintendent. Rick spent some time talking to him assuring him that we need him, and that we can help him with some of the issues. One of the suggestions was to have Francisco be the assistant district superintendent to help Ruben. Ruben was excited about the help, but we are not sure at this time what Ruben will do. This weekend the pastors and Ruben will have their first district meeting with the president and other alliance pastors in the district. As you can see, the enemy is at work, trying very hard to divide the ministry here in Ensenada. There are so many great things happening, and we need to bring all of this before the Lord and overcome the enemy. Please pray for wisdom for Ruben, and pray for unity with the pastors.

For the last few months the churches have come together for a tournament of futbol. Last night was the final game in which Roca Fuerte won the tournament. The pastors were so excited , they asked Rick if he could get a trophy so they could engrave the winner of each tournament. Ricardo came back proud because he had the Alliance logo engraved at the top of the trophy. Pray for the pastors as they are trying to use this event as an outreach to their communities. Many of the players do not go to their churches, but they are apart of the church team. We see this as a great opportunity to get to know and witness to many.

Many have asked about Ricks health. The final word was that he does not have gall stones, and that it is probably acid reflux. But, through all of the testing the doctor was very concerned about his high blood pressure and that he is a borderline diabetic. So, again Rick is on a strict diet, trying to loose weight and watch what he eats. Those of you who have been to Mexico will know that it is hard to resist Taco Pablanos (at least the pork tacos). Please continue to pray!

We have been blessed to have three praxis students who are working alongside us in ministry. It is great to have an extension of us going to each of the services. At this time we are concentrating on three of the churches who need a lot of help. Each of the girls are in one of the churches working alongside the pastors and wife helping. We are excited to see how God will use these girls, and stretch them as they learn to do ministry. Sarah and I are taking Spanish classes three times a week, pray for wisdom and strength to learn the language. Rick is also taking classes twice a week.

Finally, we are excited about a family who is feeling called to come down to Ensenada and work alongside us. We are in desperate need of help, and are excited to have a family who will assist us in ministry. They are in the process of selling their home and raising money to join us hopefully this spring. Pray for them as they step out in faith, that they will be able to sell their home, and raise the money needed to move down here.

Rick & Tammie

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